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Sprinkler and Irrigation Timer W/ 14-Day Skipper.

These irrigation timers permit 1 to 60 "ON" operations every 24 hours. These series are designed for water metering in increments of 12 minutes to 20 hours - 45 minutes for maximum conservation of precious water resources. The 14-day skipper feature permits irrigation to be omitted on selected day(s) and also provide for "every other" day operation. The "ON/OFF/AUTOMATIC" switch allows shutdown during rainy days or extended watering during dry periods without disturbing the automatic cycle set on dial.

Each member of the Rainbird family of irrigation controllers is designed to be user friendly. Whether used for residential, commercial or industrial applications, even where there's no supplied power at all, Rainbird controllers perform to perfection. Nobody else has programming that's simpler or easier to understand. Nobody else has a track record of reliabilty that even comes close.

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