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Complete Lawn Sprinkler Design from your trusted Fort Lauderdale company.

Lawn Sprinkler System Design:

We will do everything we can to make the planning and installation  of your lawn sprinkler system an easy and step-by-step project.

  • Create an accurate layout of your property and provide all the information requested.
  • Our designers will enter your sprinkler system layout and water supply information into a computer and design a Lawn Sprinkler System specifically for your property.
  • Your drawings will be provided to you as soon as completed.
  • We will meet all local codes and supply all necessary components for your Lawn Sprinkler System Installation.

Step 1: Draw your property from an existing survey.

  • First, we draw your property plan on graph paper.
  • We will measure your property according to scale.
  • From the outside perimeters of your property, we will measure outward to define the outside perimeters.
  • We will make sure to draw all of your property to scale.
  • we will include:
  1. Your property outline
  2. All sidewalks, patio, driveways and any sleeves. Fences and walls. All grass areas, flower beds, trees and shrubs.
  3. Show the water meter, well location and water supply line locations.
  4. Desired timer and valves locations.

Step 2: Gather information.

  • we will determine your water source: meter, well, lake or canal.
  • We will determine the size of your water meter.
  • We will determine the diameter of your water supply line.
  • We will determine the static water pressure.
  • We will determine your water capacity which is your flow rate.
  • We will determine your pump size.

Step 3: We will send you a customized design showing:

  • Proper valve, piping and sprinkler placement for 100% coverage of your property.
  • Ideal timer location and amount of zone (station) capability needed.

Step 4: Most importantly

We will get all approvals from Chief plumbing inspectors at any city before starting any projects to avoid any problems down the line.

Your Sprinkler Layout will be done to your property specifications. Based in Fort Lauderdale, we offer complete Irrigation System Design and Lawn Sprinkler Design in Broward and Palm Beach Counties.